Good Hotel: A hotel that (seriously) does good


After a week in traveling through the jungle of Guatemala, Hendry and I arrived at Good Hotel in the quaint touristy town of Antigua. Although Semuc Champey was one of our favorite places, our housing was a super basic cabin and the luxury of Good Hotel was much appreciated. But that’s not why we choose to stay here.

Good Hotel really lives up to their name!

They are social business, meaning all of their profits go to charity. They ‘do good’ for the local community in three big ways.

First, they train and hire local workers who were previously unemployed. Second, they work with local artisans to design all of their hotels and pay fair wages for their work. And third, they invest 100% of their profits into several charity partners, including Ninos de Guatemala, which spreads access to education for Guatemalan children.

When traveling in countries where poverty is rampant and wealth inequality is huge, it is often hard to know what effect our visits have, where our tourist dollars are going, or how we can actually help locals in a meaningful way. Staying at Good Hotel (and other similar projects) is one great way to enjoy the trip in a nice, fancy place while ensuring the money you’re putting into their economy helps where help is most needed.

  • All opinions are my own + we chose to work with Good Hotel because of their commitment to uplifting the local community

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