hot, hip + holy

A workout for the body + the mind.

I take the

traditional jivamukti method

and infuse it with:


mobiltiy + strength exercises

and creativity


ASANA movement + postures

Full body strengthening + stretching. Learn how to use your body as tool for better physical, mental and emotional health.


Upbeat, eclectic music creates a vibe and helps us enter a flow state.

Devotional chanting unifies the group and allows us to touch into our own infinite potential and goodness.

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With honesty and tenderness, I share spiritual teachings passed along from the great spiritual masters informed through my own experiences.


Aligning our attention to the breath allows us to connect deeply with our bodies and the present moment. Setting into what is happening right now.

In addition to breath-based movement, each class includes breath-based mantra meditation or pranayama / ‘breathwork’ exercises.

public class schedule:


7:30am Open Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 15m)

9:10am Open Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 15m)

7:30pm Open Flow @ Solid Gold Yogi Bushwick (1 hr 15m)


6pm Spiritual Warrior Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr)

7:15pm Beginners / Alignment Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 15m)


7:30am Open Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 15m)

Saturday Oct 26th, Nov 2nd + Nov 9th

11am Open Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 35m)


NEW! 10am Open Flow, Co-taught by Hendry @ Solid Gold Yogi Bushwick (1 hr 35m)

5pm Open Class @ Jivamukti NYC (1 hr 35m) 

find me at these studios: