Hi! I’m Allee.

I am a NYC-based yoga teacher and blogger passionate about wellness, sustainability and travel. I share my journey through the murky world of wellness and spirituality as it really is, without the BS.

A certified tree-hugger, I am passionate about veganism and sustainability, and love sharing tools to help you transition you habits into ones that are more compassionate for your body, others and our planet.

Because beaches are my favorite places, you can often find me road-tripping and hand standing through foreign countries with my boyfriend Hendry @HesGuru and sharing tips on how to be a more ethical and sustainable traveler (& where to find the vegan food of course!).

Teaching yoga is my life’s work. When I’m not traveling, you can catch my weekly classes at Jivamukti NYC and Solid Gold Yogi in Brooklyn.

My teaching is most inspired by the Jivamukti tradition and lineage (#blessed to have the best teachers and mentors, Rima Rabbath and Monica Jaggi!), but I also nerd out on alignment, anatomy and functional movement. Come play!

All of my love,


My Yoga Education (1000+ hrs filled with sweat & love)

  • 25 Hr  MINDFRESH Corporate Mindfulness + Meditation

  • 6 Hr Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pranksy