I found yoga the summer after I finished high school. I had just decided that I wasn't going to competitively swim in college and was struggling with my body image. I saw pictures of zen-looking yogis and thought maybe I should try it out too. I walked into the first studio I went to and I was in love. The studio was a giant loft in an old factory and the smell of sandalwood wafted around the airy room. I wish I could say I committed then and there, but that wasn't the case. Thrughout my college years, I would periodically come back to the practice whenever I was struggling. By senior year, I had picked up quite a bit of the basic vinyasa movements and began teaching my friends at the local beach. I should have known I was destined to teach then. 

After I graduated, I moved to NYC, got a fast-paced job in the fashion industry, and signed a one year contract for the yoga studio on my block. Because I had roped myself into paying, I went ...three times a week, then four...until one day I was going to 6+ classes a week. I was hooked. It was my space to just feel. To see myself. Early in 2017, I quit my desk job, saved my money, and headed to Costa Rica to take the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training. 

In Late Winter/ Spring early spring 2018, I completed a 200 hour yoga and sound meditation training at WOOM CENTER in Manhattan. From May - December 2018, I completed my 800 hour Jivamukti apprenticeship with Rima Rabbath.

I am so thankful for the many great teachers that have inspired my practice and my teaching. I currently practice with Rima Rabbath and Monica Jaggi at Jivamukti Yoga School, Francesca Bove and Elian Zach-Shemesh at Woom Center, and Jared McCann at Lighthouse Yoga School. 

Experience: 1000+ hours of training



I studied marketing + political science at The College of William and Mary from 2011-2015. During that period, I also spent a semester at London College of Fashion. After graduating, I moved to NYC to pursue digital marketing and public relations in the fashion industry. I began my career at a consulting firm working on many different client accounts. I then worked on contract for a British jewelry brand, helping them launch in US.

While I loved my jobs and my clients, I felt uninspired by their messaging. As an ethical vegetarian and Earth lover, I decided to leave the mainstream fashion industry to pursue working with brands in line with my ethos. In 2017, I co-founded SATTVA Social with my partner, Hendry Gurung. We now work with health food + natural beauty brands, yoga studios, and athletic apparel/accessory companies, helping them tell their brand stories and reach their audience in an authentic way. I also partner with brands on my Instagram account @OmWithAllee, telling their story from my personal perspective.